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Evergrate Sidewalk Drain System


Evergrate offers a versatile range of drainage castings and streetscape products designed especially for green infrastructure and Low Impact Design (LID) applications. Through a combination of solutions-based product design and an uncompromising commitment to quality and customer service, Evergrate is an industry leading source for pedestrian-friendly street castings that promote sustainability, quality and aesthetic appeal. Evergrate’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the products it designs and manufactures, as low-waste and sustainable practices are utilized in all facets of production and distribution. A division of J.R. Hoe, Evergrate products are engineered and produced in Middlesboro, KY and ship directly to customers and project sites throughout North America.

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Green Infrastructure

Solutions Built to Sustain

While Evergrate products are suitable for a wide range of conventional stormwater applications, they are engineered to serve the unique requirements of green infrastructure and Low Impact Design (LID) projects.

Green infrastructure installations like rain gardens, bioswales and urban trees have become a standard in stormwater system design throughout North America and the world. Cities large and small are realizing the countless benefits of green infrastructure design, from improved water quality and reduced flooding to the natural cooling effect and community revitalization. By reducing vast areas of impervious surfaces through bioretention and infiltration in new and existing developments, green infrastructure systems contribute to cleaner watersheds and a healthier, more sustainable built environment.

Evergrate products provide a diversity of options for green infrastructure engineers and landscape architects tasked with implementing sustainable, nature-based drainage solutions into the design of roadways and pedestrian-friendly spaces. As the industry leader in street castings specialized for green infrastructure, Evergrate’s core values are rooted in solutions-driven design, exceptional quality and unrivaled customer service.

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Close up of Drain System From Evergrate


Solutions Built to Sustain

From materials sourcing and production to order processing and shipment, Evergrate products are manufactured and supplied with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. Evergrate employs a strategy of Continuous Improvement in striving to reduce the energy and resource demands of our operations while maximizing the use of recycled materials and energy efficient practices to the greatest extent possible.

To learn more about our commitment to sustainability, download our Environmental Statement