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From trench drain and curb openings to downspout drainage and green infrastructure, Evergrate products offer the industry’s leading selection of street castings for pedestrian friendly spaces and low impact design applications.

Metro Trench Grate Metro
Continuum Trench Grate Continuum
Tsunami Trench Grate Tsunami
Black Solid Cover Trench Grate Solid Cover

Architectural trench DRAINS

Cast iron trench drain and solid covers are offered with a center-locking anti-theft device in sizes from 6” to 14” wide. With various appealing grate designs and 2 different frame styles, Evergrate trench drainage products are built to last, beautifully.

Green Infrastructure

Curb openings

Often subjected to the harsh conditions of a busy roadway, unprotected concrete curb openings are prone to accelerated wear and tear. Evergrate cast iron curb openings provide a clean, finished look in addition to much needed durability at the curb level.

6 inch Curb Openings 6" opening
8 inch Curb Openings 8" opening
12 inch Curb Openings 12" opening
14 inch Curb Openings 14" opening
Downspout Boot to Sidewalk Drain


Evergrate trench and curb drainage products are engineered to fit E-Series downspout boots, providing a complete downspout-to-curb drainage solution ideal for sidewalk drainage, streetscape and green infrastructure applications.

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